OFFICIAL STATEMENT.– Second European Commission Report on the State of the Digital Decade

Viernes, 05.07.2024

Madrid, 4 July 2024.- In the light of the latest data from the European Commission Report on the State of the Digital Decade, which sets out developments in the achievement of the objectives and goals set for 2030 in all areas related to digitalisation, including the healthcare sector, and in line with the recommendations set out in the report, the Institute for Health Development and Integration (Fundación IDIS), an entity comprised of the main private health companies in Spain, urges the promotion of progress in this field through collaboration, incorporating data from the private healthcare sector with the goal of achieving real digital transformation. In the last two years, IDIS Foundation has contacted various public administrations to incorporate data from private healthcare providers, as recommended in the report, with no satisfactory response received.

The foundation also wishes to stress the following points:

  • From the outset, IDIS Foundation has been committed to a better healthcare system and a complementary model that brings sustainability and quality to the system. In terms of digitalisation, on which both the public and private sectors focus much of their work, it is a par excellence collaborative environment. It is therefore key that the administration allows private healthcare data to be included in the common space, something the private sector has been demanding for some years, meaning that the public bodies know that the private sector is ready and willing. The goal is for patients to have just one medical record that spans the public and private systems.
  • In the last two years, the IDIS Foundation has developed a medical record interoperability platform in private healthcare, the miHC project, a tool that has been operating for over a year and includes 16 hospital groups and insurance companies to date, with the aim of expanding to all private care. The goal is for patients to have access to their medical records and to be able to share this information with professionals, regardless of the health care centre. This initiative is a major step for private healthcare in Spain in terms of the creation and architecture of a Single European Health Data Space. It complies with the requirements of the European Health Data Regulation, so that data are ready to be included when the Regulation is enforced. 
  • Continuity in healthcare is key to making the system more efficient and providing quality care. To achieve this, systems must be interoperable. In other words, a common space for all medical data must be possible so that each patient is unique, as is also provided for in the European Health Data Regulation. Systems can only be interoperable when they include all data, both public and private. Interoperability is vital for primary use in care settings, and for secondary use in such important facets as research, innovation, prevention, healthcare policymaking, training and patient safety, etc. This is why it is essential to standardise the inclusion of the private sector, with its 10.7 million users, in the healthcare system.

In short, IDIS Foundation and its private healthcare sector members support all efforts made to benefit digitalisation in health in the European Union as this would lead to better and more efficient patient care, which should be a priority for any healthcare system. They also advocate for private sector data to be included as an essential element in the great project that is the digital transformation. The private healthcare sector is working towards and willing to incorporate the data and collaborate with the public administration.

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